Saturday, November 22, 2008

SOLD! Saying good-bye to some favorites

It's that bittersweet time again...thrilled to have made some nice sales, sad to see some of my favorites go! Excited to send them out in the world, wishing I could look at them a little longer!

I keep reciting what my undergraduate teacher used to say "If you are afraid to sell something, you're really afraid you will never make anything better".

So...I hope these drawings are happy in their new homes in Seattle and Toronto! As for me, I will keep working.


Bad Day Ben Designs said...

I'm glad that your pink piece found a home... not that there was ever any doubt! As usual, beautiful work. I never get tired of coming over here and gazing at your art.

Krystyna81 said...

Thank you Ben...sometimes I wonder about posting certain pieces...the bottom two drawings i wondered if anyone would connect with them, enjoy the colors like I did!

Jul said...

I like that quote about selling art from your teacher. Some friends were asking me about how it feels to sell art the other day, and that was a thought I couldn't quite pin down. Selling pieces makes room for even more creation.

adebanji said...

Just visiting your blog and I am enjoying your pieces- That dark skinned girl on top is a beauty!