Sunday, June 7, 2009

Drawing Flowers in My garden...I need practice!

I love flowers. I love plants, trees, shrubs, and almost anything that grows. I even love the bizarre weeds that my neighbor Bruce grows, never sure if they are supposed to be there (I have GOT to take a picture of the massive one growing in his backyard - you will be amazed!)
However, gardening is not my strong suit. Neither is drawing flowers. I was encouraged by a blog reader to try it - I love flowers, I love drawing, so why not? Well, the whole time I was drawing I kept thinking "so THIS is why I usually draw naked people..." With the figure, I only have to keep track of two arms and two legs...with flowers and leaves and stems - wow! my ADD kicked in!
Don't get me wrong - I enjoyed the quiet time sitting in my back yard as the kids napped - totally worn out from the sun and water on the boat today - but I think I need a lot more practice! Here's a few shots of my work space, and the pastels that I am brave enough to show!

Oh and the kids on the boat :)


Tina said...

Thank you for posting your flower drawings. I have the same problem with drawing things outdoors - how to capture enough details of the plant so it is recognizable, and what to edit out. Also, how to handle all that green! I did a sketch in pen last week of my hydrangea bush, and need to do more. Pastels are a good idea. I'll try that!

Krystyna81 said...

Tina _ and I was thinking of trying pen! We should share our results :)