Saturday, June 6, 2009

New Figure Drawings of the Female Nude - Pastel - The Red Scarf

I know it's been a while since i shared some work! Now that the sun is shining and the lake is full, we are enjoying many wonderful mornings at the beach. I will have to post some pictures of that, too!

We drew the lovely "Miss I" last Wednesday, and I was so tired, and worn out, and I just wasn't "connecting" as much as I wanted to with my work...but I am glad I worked thru it. I was trying to create a focal point of her head/red scarf. The red was warm and rich and wonderful.
I also did a quick sketch from another view....
I am pleased with the colors on her skin - the olives and reds and pinks coming together in layers, but I am not overly satisfied with my background - perhaps I need to soften it with some blending.
You can see all of my recent pastel drawings of the female nude in my Etsy shop.

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