Monday, June 29, 2009

Guarded - one of my favorite paintings - revisited

Artists, if we are lucky, occasionally make an image that seems to connect with everyone who sees it. I created this painting, "Guarded", about 5 years ago, and it actually sold only about 2 hours after it left my studio for the first time. From then on, every time I participated in an outdoor show, the prints of "Guarded" sold out almost immediately! I still receive e-mails from potential collectors looking to buy the original!

I had been working on a series of female figures that were all in various ways fitting into a "square" or "box". Many of the paintings from that series were painted from pictures of myself. (you'd be amazed at how helpful and attentive my husband was when I said "Honey, could you take some photos of me? naked?)
I hate speculating on WHY people resonate with a certain image, for fear that I will put my own interpretation and meaning out there, preventing you from seeing your own ideas and emotions. But whatever the reason, I am deeply honored and thrilled to connect with people thru my work.

Well there is a new prospect on the horizon - an opportunity to share this image with a whole bunch of new people! The opportunity has encouraged me to re-visit the image. I had a giclee printed out as large as possible from a digital file, and I am now going to paint over it, enhancing the colors and the textures to capture the same feel of the original painting. (That is the print on canvas hanging in my (messy!) studio)
I'm very excited about this new opportunity and promise to keep you posted as it progresses!


pegi said...

I'm at work, just checking in....I LOVE IT!!! The second I scrolled down, it took my breath away! When you have copies ready..I want one!
OOPs, gotta stay calm..I'm at work...ooooommmmmmmm :>

pegi said...

Me, again! I love that your studio is messy! Now I don't feel so bad about the work-in-progress I've got going on creating "my space"! I'm going thrugh that whole "The art is more important than the dishes getting done ". But it's really hard! You're an inspiration, even on that level! And I can tell by photos you've shown us that you have a beautiful home!

Nile said...

Revisiting older pieces are fun to do. The piece is wonderful! I dabble too much in art deco when it comes to painting... mostly from the fact I cannot find anything I like for my walls in my house. So... I just