Sunday, October 4, 2009

Angel Painting - a progress report

I have been working on this painting for a few days now. It is based on one of the photos I took in Rome of the Angel sculptures on St. Angelo bridge. I had this large piece of Masonite, which I think has been two or three other paintings prior to this layer! I started by applying another layer of paint to hide the previous (disaster) painting and then started to block in the angel's form.
As I got towards the bottom of the figure, I realized the head and hands were too large and went back to adjust the scale. The movement of the drapery and the angles of the legs are very important, so those have been re-worked many times with layers of acrylic and glazes of color.

This photo of the angel painting is a little light, but shows how I am starting to build the folds of the drapery and catch the light and shadow. As I add layers, I also take away - each time I go back to my easel, after the paint has dried, I used sandpaper to soften any hard edges and reveal a bit of the underpainting. I want there to be an interesting history to the surface of the painting.
I haven't decided if the background should be light, dark or medium...I am definitely open to suggestions and feedback!


Claudia Finn said...

what a great sense of a active invested emotional figure!! Just what an angel would be... Wip-won't say too much cause it always stints my growth...but wow!!

melissawashburn said...

Wow. It looks like it was such an amazing trip and left you with so much inspiration! I love the way this painting is coming.

Rhonda Anderson said...

Beautiful figure and if it had a dark background, it would definitely heighten the angel even more!

tndrummerboy said...

Very active, I like how the angel appears to be looking to the right, maybe anticipating.
I would be flattered to see a predominately white background with dark splotches.
(Seemingly, a storm brewing and the angel preparing for the worse with the robe "flopping" in the wind.)

Olha Pryymak said...

very lovely - those angels are true inspiration. looking forward to see the final result

Krystyna81 said...

Thank you for all of the feedback - I am going to try and not lose the energy and spontenaity (sp?) while still developing it further - always a tight-rope to walk while painting!

Donna B. said...

SPECTACULAR!! Whoa, I was literally stunned... What an incredible essence and presence of an Angel!! Very powerful and emotional. I LOVE IT!! Will be watching to see your progress. Almost can't imagine it getting any better! You really have captured something extraordinary here! Incredible job!