Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Catching up - a few drawings I forgot to share

Ok let's play catch-up! I really have been trying to work more in the studio and less on the computer - but I do want to post a few recent drawings before figure drawing group this evening - hopefully I'll have even MORE stuff to add!

Last Thursday evening we had our second session with the lovely Angel Annie - this time she struck a new pose and I worked with white and dark teal pastel pencils on a very light silver mat board. I love the flow of the drapery!

Last week our male model took a wonderful relaxed, yet compact pose. I think there were some great angles and negative spaces created by his form. The first drawing is white and black charcoal on pale blue pastel paper.

Another drawing from the same angle, this time using watercolor pencils on a cream mat board. It's pretty subtle right now - but there are a lot of great colors, so I may go back and beef it up a little - add some more color and contrast.

Moving around the room, this is more of a frontal view, and I used my nupastels on their sides, blocking in the form. I'm not really happy with this drawing at all. I was pretty wiped out (my 2 yr old had woken me up at 3:30 AM and it was now 9:30 PM) and I don't think I ever really pulled the form together. Even when I abstract the figure, there still should be a sense of presence and weight. O well. Better luck next time!

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Victoria Hart said...

Love your drawings! Thanks for sharing them.