Saturday, January 2, 2010

Can a simpler color palette lead to greater creativity? New drawings of the female nude in Citrus colors.

I was approached a few weeks back by a client looking for nude drawings in a specific color palette - namely citrus colors, such as oranges and hot pinks, with touches of Persimmon.  Over the Holiday, I hired one of my favorite models and put the call out to my fellow artists (come and draw!) so that I could work on a few new drawings in this specific color story.

One thing I noticed, was having that decision already made for me - "these colors are what I need" - allowed me a great deal of freedom while I worked.  I wasn't pondering which blue to use, do I reach for my favorite color (periwinkle!) again, do I add black...I just grabbed some pastels and a few watercolor pencils, and went to work!

The top two drawings are on Wallis paper, the bottom is on a pastel board (masonite primed for pastel).  I used only watercolor pencils on the top drawing, and the bottom two are a mix of pastel and watercolor.


Glo said...

These are gorgeous!!

Dora Sislian Themelis said...

I myself work well with a limited palette. It makes color choice alot easier. Nice work!

Krystyna81 said...

Thank you Karen and Dora!

There have been other occassions where i head to a drawing session with a palette in mind - inspired by a photograph, or the sky, or a tree, etc. Those drawings DO tend to be more successful!