Friday, January 1, 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Goals for 2010

Wow! Twenty ten.  Can you believe it?!?! It's a big year...nice round numbers.  Seems like it should be monumental in many ways! A good year to have a few goals...

(numbering only for the sake of the list...none of these are more important than the others!)

1.  READ MORE.  I go thru phases where I devour 3 or 4 good books and then don't pick up a new one for six months! I have lists of "top ten books", "great all time fiction", etc. floating around my house.  This year - I will read as many of those books as I can! Books stay with me for so much longer than movies.  The characters become so much more real, I worry about them, think about them for days - even weeks in the case of "The Road" and "The Poisonwood Bible' (I highly recommend both of those).  Read more great books in 2010!

2.  Less time on the computer!  I am SO greatful that I have been able to build my business on-line and sell my artwork around the world.  I love the fact that I can keep up with friends and family via Facebook and that I have a network of fun and friendly Artists who I can count on for support on-line.  But, the time has come to focus my time spent on the computer.  Less time "chatting", more time doing what NEEDS to be done. 

3.  More Date Nights with Hubby!   DH and I are very lucky to be active, social people who have a lot to do during the week.  Drawing classes, excercise groups, our children's activities, neighborhood events.  But we need to make sure WE get to spend some quality time together.  It's not going to happen on it's own! We will have to make the time.

4.  Become an Active Member in some local artist groups.  There are many active artist groups in the Atlanta area, and I need to build my Artist network locally, get involved with demos and critique nights, participate in local events and shows. 

5.  Enter at least 10 National Juried Shows.  For artists, your resume cannot just consist of a tally of "how many sales I got" and "looka t all my positive feedback in my shop".  The "Art World" still looks at whether or not artists are producing new, relevant work, and whether or not you are showing that work.

6.  Create every day.  It doesn't have to be a masterpiece, it could even happen while I'm sitting at the kitchen table drawing with the kiddos.  In fact it could become our afternoon activity...our "drawing of the day".  Use it or lose it!

7.  Communicate with friends and family beyond the occassional text message or an OMG on their Facebook page.  PIck up the phone and have a REAL conversation, write letters with the kiddos to their cousins, etc. 

OK I know there's a few more things I want to do every work harder on my garden, give more money to charity, watch less TV, etc...but 7 is a pretty good number - not as ambitious as ten, but not too few.

I hope 2010 brings you laughter, love, and that you, too, reach your goals!

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