Friday, February 26, 2010

My Art has been installed at Brennan's Houston Restaurant

Late last year I recieved a call from an Interior Designer with The Johnson Studio here in Atlanta.  She was looking for some custom artwork for the new interior of Brennan's Restaurant in Houston, Texas. 

In 2008, a fire broke out in the restaurant during Hurricane Ike, engulfing the historic building. They have been under re-construction ever since, and you can see the progress that was made on their Flickr photo stream. 

There were three parts to our collaboration.  The first was a set of original paintings for the dining area.  She had seen the Nest painting on-line, and wanted a second painting in the same style and size.  I showed the progress of the painting recently on my blog.

They are now hanging against a beautiful brick wall.  I love how the colors of the chairs picks up the creamy yellows in the paintings, and the steel blue and reds echo the colors in the brick wall.

In keeping with the Bird theme and the gorgeous color palette, we framed two large prints of my bird paintings and framed them in a subtle, elegant silver frame.  Again, I love how the colors of the brick are mirrored in the birds.

Perhaps my favorite part of the project was the series of Citrus colored nudes that were installed in the bathrooms.  First of all...not many people say "I would like ten nudes, please.  For a public space"  I loved hearing that the owners wanted some elegant, lovely ladies in their restrooms! 

The colors look fabulous together (yes...I used the word fabulous).  What a gorgeous bathroom!  There are also several pictures of the bathroom in-progress (before the art was installed) in their Flickr photos.

Many thanks to Ashley, at Johnson Studio, for connecting with me and making me REALLY busy thru the month of January!  This was a great project to be a part of.

And Congratulations to Brennans on your gorgeous re-build and recent re-opening.  I wish you many, many more years of success!


Borbay said...

Awesome, congratulations! Looks terrific.

Lrc said...

What a great collaboration! I love how the colors of the restaurant compliment your paintings and nudes. Fabulous indeed!

Krystyna81 said...

thank you so much! maybe someday I can go and see them in person :)

luigi bluoso said...

Una bella mostra in un bell'ambiente. Sento che sei rimasta molto soddisfatta e questo è importante quando si ha l'occasione di esporre i propri lavori. Ti faccio le mie congratulazioni, sono sicuro che troverai vivo apprezzamento da parte dei visitatori. Ciao.

Krystyna81 said...

Luigi, I don't know what you said, but I like it :)

luigi bluoso said...

Carissima, mi affido al traduttore elettronico di Google:
"A nice display in a nice atmosphere. I feel that six was very pleased and this is important when you have the opportunity to exhibit their works. I'll give you my congratulations, I'm sure you will find appreciation from visitors. Hello."
Ciao e buona pittura.

Krystyna81 said...

Thank you Luigi! That is very kind.