Thursday, October 14, 2010

What's happening in the studio...painting, pastels, progress!

Last night while driving to Figure Drawing group here in Woodstock I actually had to take a moment and think about where the last seven days went!  It's been such a busy week, doing a million different things with the kids and my husband and trying to maintain an active on-line shop!  But, somewhere in all the chaos, I am getting a little work done.

I've added some more copper leaf to the tree painting, and this layer is a bit more organic.  I sanded the previous layer, so they each have a different sheen, and it's a nice layered effect.

I've also started to work on the figure and drapery in this acrylic painting I started last week.  I haven't decided...should her eyes be open or closed? 

And of course there's new drawings from last night! Our model was so fantastic, I was so wrapped up in drawing I totally forgot to grab my camera and take any photos - either of her or the work in progress!  Here is a 15 minute pastel - I exaggerated her curves and had some fun with color.  My fellow artists liked it very much as-is...but I may still add a bit more color (cuz I can!)

And the second pose was about an hour and a half.  I grabbed a beautiful remnant of silky blue fabric at the craft store, and the color was gorgeous with the model's skin tone, hair color, and her bright red headband.  This is nupastel on Wallis paper. you can see, I have a lot of work to to the studio!

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