Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lime and Wine. Who knew it was such a magical combination?

Yes, wine is frequently a large contributor to our figure drawing sessions.  However, this time I am referring to the color of the paper I was working on, and the super 70's shag carpet lime green chenille blanket our model brought with her!  The color combination was awesome!

This was our long drawing, about an hour and 20 minutes of work time.  There is also a bit of white drapery under the small of her back. 

A shorter drawing, about half an hour on a grey piece of colourfix paper.  I think her raven black hair and the lime green blanket are also setting each other off perfectly.


Dean H. said...

I love the exciting color combos you come up with in the skin tones!! Always a joy to see, Kristina!

kathleen grant said...

I love these 2 colors together
I have done some paintings with similar colors
see my etsy store under Ferns
also we have been hearted by the same
person on etsy.
the light in your work is lovely