Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Figure Drawing and Painting in the Garden

Drawing and painting the figure is my all time favorite thing to do as an artist.  I love posing the models, playing with the light, planning what media to use, figuring out how to capture their personality and body language.  Being part of a group that enjoys the same thing really helps this endeavor - sharing model fees for one thing!  But also being able to put together special drawing events in unique spaces.

This past weekend our group gathered in the beautiful Zen garden of our friend Bruce.  Bamboo, large rock formations, a koi pond with a bridge, all provided a beautiful backdrop for multiple figures.  This event had a couple of goals - one being to create! and the other to support our fellow artist who is still recovering from her brain tumor.  The models all donated their time (we worked with four models...and many more volunteered as well!  You are all so wonderful, thank you!) and the artists all donated whatever money we could to help our friend, who still cannot drive and work during her recovery.  During the paint-out I would shout "Create something beautiful and send healing thoughts!", as our friend was too weak to attend the event in person.

Three of the models wore colorful dresses, and one brave model withstood strong sun and busy bugs to pose nude.  Her figure among the rock formations was really special.  The figure in nature, you cannot help but appreciate the design, the lines, the form.  You can see the figure here in this painting by Shane McDonald

I really had to admirer the determination of a couple of the artists!  No tree was going to stand in their way of the perfect artist Charles Young Walls tucks himself among the foliage as he paints the figure among the greenery.

 In another part of the garden an artist was actually standing IN the magnolia tree to get the perfect view!  I sat right in the middle of shrubbery to paint this quick watercolor sketch.  (I actually started 4 pieces...I still need to photograph them!)

The day was a huge success.  I think we had 15 artists, 4 models, and a large amount of money donated to our dear friend.  You really can't ask for anything more!


Big Blue said...

It must have been a lot of fun attending once of these sessions.

I love your work! Goodluck!

Kumar Aanal said...

Mam I am a regular viewer of ur blog!!!! ur blog is my favorite blog, and m deaing to meet u!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kumar Aanal said...

Mam I am a regular viewer of ur blog!!!!! dis is my favorite blog!!!! I love the colours u use!!! and m a big fan of urs!!! so, best of luck for ur life and figures!!