Thursday, May 19, 2011

New figure drawing model and a fresh perspective

I say it often... I am so lucky that I get to work with some amazing models!  Our weekly figure drawing group is my opportunity to play, explore materials and techniques, keep my skills sharp, and of course network with my fellow artists.

This week we had a lovely model who was new to most of us, recommended by a fellow artist who worked with her at another location.  She is tall and has beautiful long arms and fingers, a swan-like neck (or "superhero"  neck as one artist called it!) and what really makes her a great model - wonderful stage presence.  Every pose was regal, elegant, graceful.. She was a joy to draw.

A 20 minute charcoal drawing, her knee is resting on an ottoman.

Oh...and her hair is closely cut, almost shaved, and it was SO interesting and challenging to draw her head and neck!  Just fabulous shapes and amazing highlights.

One hour pose, in watercolor, 11" x 14"...

I especially like the colors in her head.  There was a dramatic line on her neck, the turn of her head causing tension in the tendon.

And for the last 40 minutes of drawing, a portrait - I had to just focus on her beautiful features!  The shape of her head, the determined chin, the sculpted lips - wonderful!  I look forward to finishing this sketch...

I love meeting a new model and drawing from them for the first time.  It forces me to look a little closer, to really see the particulars of their shape, build, gestures, balance.  The lines of their arms, the curves in their neck, the length of their legs.  When I get to know a model well and work with them often,  I sometimes find myself drawing or painting with a quick glance, being familiar with their figure, rather than slowly absorbing and translating the information like I would do in our first encounter. 

Fresh faces, fresh perspectives, fresh work.
(but I'm not giving up any of my models - I love them all!)


Danno said...

Beautiful work Kristina. It was great meeting all of you at the group and I look forward to next week.

Amanda Brett, Watercolour Artist said...

super-groovy, so unusual!! i love them all!!