Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blurring the Line - Dance and Movement

Sitting here watching "So You Think You Can Dance" and reflecting on my years as a dancer...I loved it! I miss it!  I wish I was younger so I could try out for the show!!!

But something else cool crossed my path today.  The addictive page Design D'Autore on Facebook floods your news feed with delicious eye candy every day.  In the album Dance, they posted a few images from photographer William Wadman.

They took my breath away - as a dancer, and as an artist.  For my MFA thesis exhibit at TCU, my body of work was all about capturing the movement, the energy, the dynamics of dance in my paintings.  Not stagnant figures, but layers of arms, legs, torsos, hands and feet moving together across the canvas in layers of paint and charcoal.

This is "Can You Feel It", a very large canvas.

This photographer was capturing on film what I was striving for on the canvas!  I loved it.

Another large painting from the series, "Movement in Thirds"

It's always a delight to come across another artist who is striving for some of the same goals in a different media - how we both came to a different solution to capture a similar feel.


Unknown said...

The similarities are remarkable! I too am ever so thankful for my years in dance and I'm a huge fan of So You Think You Can Dance. REAL artists on TV? Can't ask for more than that! Watching that show makes me want to take Modern, which I never managed to take, though I did perform in a few modern dances in our company. I keep telling myself I should take a class again but never get the gumption to go for it. Anyway, enough about me - your work takes my breath away and you absolutely have captured the movement and energy of dance through these works. Bravo!

Big Blue said...

Yes, I can feel it. After staring at the painting for a while, I started seing the figures dancing. Very nice work.