Thursday, June 16, 2011


OK I was a little bummed out during my last post, and I'm not normally like that.  I've been rejected before.  Trust me.  I should be used to it by now!

I was lucky to gain a little perspective the other night.  A good friend and fellow artist got two pieces in the show that I did not get into, and for one of the pieces, this was her third time entering the same piece, and it finally got accepted.

I really am excited for her, and it humbled me, too.  Every juror is different, and each show has a different look and feel, and maybe my work just wasn't right for this year's show.  I am inspired by her to keep trying, keep entering, keep creating, because she believes in her work - and I should, too.

I look forward to opening night so that I can support my fellow artists and their wonderful work!

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katana said...

It's posts like these last two that really make you wonderful. I really enjoy following your work. Don't question your vision just because one juror didn't catch it. When I'm feeling low, happy people just make me cranky- but most of the time- I'm one of those happy people! And if that juror was feeling low, they wouldn't be able to catch your excitement, well, you don't want to lower the energy in your work for that. Who knows why- all I know is how much I enjoy your work, and keep going!