Friday, June 24, 2011

A studio tour and a portrait is home!

I feel very lucky to be featured on a couple of wonderful blogs today.

First off is a delightful photo essay on the arrival and presentation of the Boxer portrait.  I adore the pictures of the little boy and how big his dad's smile is!  Thank you so much Jackie...these photos are so special!  It means so much to me when a fellow artist (you can see Jackie's delightful art shop here) has such high praise for my work.

"One More Round"

Next is a studio tour that I put together as a series of short videos for a lovely friend, art collector, and talented glass artist, Jennifer Cameron from Glass Addictions.

She suggested a video tour, and I did my best to speak in my "sophisticated artist voice" and not my "mommy is really stressed out right now and if you don't stop torturing your sister I am going to throw you in the lake" voice.  Although, that would have been kind of funny...and angry studio tour....maybe next time :)

So please check out both blogs and comment and share - thank you so much to both of these wonderful talented women!!

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