Friday, November 11, 2011

New Watercolor Figure Paintings

My favorite night of the week is Wednesday, when I get to draw and paint from the live model.  But really, it has become much more than just a night to draw.  The artists who participate in these weekly sessions are truly kind and generous people, who form a diverse group of artists of a variety of skill levels and styles.  And among all of this, there is no competition, pressure, or inclination to be anything but Who You Are.  It thrills me to see such a broad range of interpretation when it comes to drawing the live model - precise and tight, loose and quick, abstract and gutsy.  And it's not just me who thinks this.  So many of the wonderful models that work with us remark about how enjoyable it is to work with our group - the camaraderie is palpable, but they are also there to work, which makes it so successful.  It's not just a drawing group anymore - it's a circle of friends.

But I have been really slacking with showing you my weekly drawings!  So in an attempt to get back on track, a few of my sketches from this past Wednesday...

A 25 minute watercolor on Wallis paper (using watercolor pencil and softening the lines with a damp brush)

We have worked with this lovely model several times in the past but this was our first time where she had this adorable pixie haircut.  I am now wondering if I should chop my hair - she looked so cute!

Also on Wallis paper, I started with a watercolor wash then added layers of pastel on top.  

I didn't want to over-work the pastel, so for the last 20 minutes of the pose I worked on another watercolor on Wallis, using a red watercolor pencil and a damp brush to soften the lines.   It's tricky to know what to define and what to leave loose - I added and subtracted information from her face several times.

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Anonymous said...

You are an awesome artist! All of these are very very good, but the last one, to me, is exceptional! Well done!