Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thank You for Believing in Me

When you add one of my drawings, paintings, or prints for your collection, or commission a portrait, you are not just buying a piece of my work.  You are saying to me "I believe in your talent, and your potential".  Your purchase does not just cover the cost of producing that particular piece, but helps support my studio space, telling me "Go! Create more!"  Every purchase, big or small, also helps support another aspect of growing as an artist: entering juried exhibitions. Entering shows are costly, but to be selected as a finalist could mean incredible exposure for my work.  

So...Thank You.  Thank you for every kind word on my blog, every link you have share on FB, every RT on Twitter, every post you StumbleUpon, every purchase you have made, because your belief in me, and my Work, is what I am truly Thankful For.

Happy Thanksgiving :)

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jcsvisuals said...

Thanks for sharing that heartfelt sentiment and Happy Thanksgiving to you...