Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Productive January in the Studio

2012 is off to a good start in my studio.  I have finished up a few paintings...

This is oil on 14" x 11" panel, started from the live model.  I love the classic chair and bright red robe.

I've also finished up this oil portrait of the ballerina.  

And the lady in the diner.  I did not snag any good detail shots, but I'll work on that!

I have a couple big commissions to work on AND I also discovered that Plum Amazins are really really yummy.  So...you know...a good week overall :)


Lisa Graham said...

All of them are gorgeous paintings. I really love the lady in the cafe...it speaks to the coffee/cafe lover in me.

I love the expression on the portrait painting. She is very beautiful.

Your first painting is just simply full of class and elegance.

Unknown said...

All are beautiful, thanks for sharing. I especially like the centre portrait :)

V said...

Beautiful! You can paint me again anytime! Hehe