Monday, March 5, 2012

Studio Shelves are Being Built!

I'm excited to share a little progress made in the studio today! However it's not a painting - it's shelving for individual work stations and supply storage.

I love the studio - there is SO much space, great light and a lot of walls to display work.  However, after a year of showing my work in that space, I have only sold one small original painting during that time from showing it on those walls. Truth is: the space is great for creating and teaching, not so much for selling (partly because it is on the second window shopping!)

A few weeks ago, I visited a studio where my mother is taking classes in Western New York.  There was one room that really struck me as a great painting space - the walls were lined with individual cubby holes for still life set-ups, and artists had work stations in front of each spot.

The whole room made me want to paint - the work stations, the wall-to-wall colorful props waiting to be utilized in a unique still life, the fact that you had storage for all of your supplies...and that you were part of a group of artists all painting together.

So this week I (with the help of one of my fellow artists!) Started to build a similar set up in my studio.  I will be losing wall space, but very little floor space, and I will be gaining work stations, still-life display areas, and LOTS of storage!

So that's just the first wall!  The large square will be where artists can set up their personal displays - they are about 3' square, so you can imagine tall displays or long displays.  There are spots for folding chairs and folding tables to be tucked out of the way, and lots of shelves for storing a myriad of glass, flowers, knick knacks, pots and fabric to use in our still life set ups.

The second wall should be done this week, with an additional 4 work stations and lots more storage for paintings and supplies. Happy dance :)

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Grace | labor posters said...

I also dreamed of creating my own studio shelf but unfortunately I changed my mind. Your studio shelves are great, can't wait for them to be completed and designed!

Michelle Arnold Paine said...

That's so exciting!