Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Few Recent Pieces

I'd love to share some drawings and paintings that I've created over the last few months!
The painting on the left is our Goddess of a model, miss Stephanie, who is such a great model! She took this lounging pose on a sofa that created such sensous was so fun to draw - and exagerate these beautiful lines her body created.
Well, all I did during the drawing session was the basic outline - it wasn't until I got home to my studio that I had a lot of fun adding color and texture and pattern. I used paint and acrylic and charcoal and pastel, and then got out the sandpaper when I had too much fun and needed to go back a bit...but it all worked!

The drawing on the right is a multi-media drawing of an awesome model (HI MIKE!) who was emulating a pose by a real master of the figure, Paul Cadmus. I had a large sheet of watercolor paper that had been drawn on before, but I wasn't too happy with it, so I gessoed it over and it created a great surface for a new drawing. The background was many shades of blue and grey and gave Mike a true atmosphere to occupy.

I used to only enjoy drawing women...maybe because I thought I could bring a more personal experience and understanding of the female form...but lately I've begun to enjoy creating stronger, masculine pieces as well.

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