Sunday, August 31, 2008

Figure Drawing Techniques...6

Ok it's not a's a puppy...but the basic principle of figure drawing can be applied here as well. These four photos show the progress just from an hour of sketching - I have a ways to go - but I thought I'd show you how I got started.

This is a cute grey dog, whose breed I'll have to post later cuz I forgot. It is a custom portrait for a gift - I can't wait for the owner to see it!

I started on medium grey matt board. The first few minutes is just getting the gesture of the body correct. Making sure I have enough negative space around the dog to allow for framing. (the pictures are cropped...actual page is larger)

Then I slowly block in areas of shadow. This is done with vine charcoal which is very easy to manipulate and erase if necessary.
I follow that by further defining the major shadows and shapes, being sure to work on the whole dog as to keep proportions acurate.

I start to further define the toes, ears eyes and nose, using a hard charcoal pencil.

I slowly add the highlight, again thinking of the whole dog. I want to develop the whole portrait at once - not get caught up in just the eyes or the paws, which can be very easy to do.

So that is where I am now...I will keep you posted on my progress! And here's a shot of where I was working. At the kitchen table. Even though I have a studio in the basement. But it was hot down there! And there's AC up here! Cut me some slack!


Cherie said...

Oh my this is sooooo awesome! You are so talented! And the breed is Weimaraner ;)

Keira Gillett said...

Cute! Looks like a basset hound... also do you draw from photo as well as from life? I'm very graphic when I draw my style is meant to be flat cause I play with space and layers by overlap.

R Lyndel Littleton said...

I love seeing a work of art as it changes. We have a VAST flickr group where we would love for you to post pictures like that.