Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Latest Commissions...Updates

I've got two actual art projects happening right now - the painting commission and the dog portrait commission. I worked on both - here they are!

The painting is coming along! (This is the interior of an auction house). I didn't think it would be dso difficult to emulate Leroy Nieman (the seller's request) but what he makes look easy is quite difficult! I think that goes for all great artists - they make it look effortless. Until you dance in their shoes, you have no idea what it takes to "make it work!"

I'm very excited about the progress on the dog portrait. I worked on adding some more highlights and shadows. One thing I try to keep in mind is to keep areas of high contrast towards the foreground, and soften contrast in the background. This helps to create a greater sense of depth.

And to be very sparing in the darkest darks and whitest whites! If you use those two extremes too often, they lose their "punch".

I've still got work to do on both....

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