Sunday, September 28, 2008

SOLD - for $4500

This has been quite the adventure!!! The original commissioned painting commemorating the house's final auction went on the block Saturday - and brought in a new record for one of my paintings! $4500! I didn't get to see it sell (I got there too late!) but here are some shots from Friday night's preview party. What a night! There was a live orchestra playing music outside with all the huge gazebos and statuary for the gardens, as well as the race cars, bentey's, and Rolls Royces that were for these amazing little cars called Henkel's. Inside there was a Jazz singer on one end of the auction house, then as you meandered passed the tables of chicken kabobs, raosted lamb, filet mignon, and pastry stuffed with Brie, there was a dance party going on at the other end! It was crazy! But SO much fun. Also, a bunch of the signed posters sold for $500 a piece! Three other paintings of mine are going on the block today...I will let you know how they do!


Linda Hammelman said...

Outstanding! Congratulations on your success! (And sooo lucky that punch bowl didn't hit the floor.)

formfireglassworks said...

Congrats!!!! That is so amazing - lucky for you and the buyer!

Unknown said...

How wonderful! It looks like a beautiful event and congratulations on a sold painting.