Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Next Inspiration

There are stretches of time in every family when the only times you all gather together are for Weddings or Funerals...luckily the last occassion my family got together for was my cousin Dan's wedding in Colorado. My mom brought a bunch of old photo's from her parent's house, and I just fell in love with this handful...I am prepping my studio and a new surface to paint the one in the upper left of my grandmother holding my mother's's marked "Easter of 1955". I love the clothes, the wind catching her dress...even the look of the tree and the house in the background!
The one of my mom, her brothers, and her dad on the front porch just makes me hear banjos in the background...the pose of my mom on the front porch makes me laugh! (you can click the image to see it larger)
I love seeing old's too bad we only get to know our parents as adults!


Anonymous said...

Would it be possible to see photos of as many steps as you are willing to share. I hear/read you say that you layer colours down in a certain way, but I like to see the steps as clearly as possible.

Thank you for sharing your art, I love it.

Krystyna81 said...

I'll do what I can...often I'm so wrapped up I forget to take pictures! Or worse...I forget to bring my camera!