Monday, October 20, 2008

Cherokee Tribune Article

Here's Jack holding the paper with the was a small but quality crowd for the lecture (Thank you to Woodstock's mayor for attending!) but it's hard to compete with College football in Georgia...the Dogs were playing at 12:30!
It was really great to put the lecture together - it gave me a reason to revisit some of my old papers on my art that I wrote in Graduate school, and sometimes looking back can be helpful. It refreshed my memory regarding some of my main goals as an artist. Of course, one goal in general is to improve my drawing and painting skills. But a goal that I set for myself back in Graduate school was to make sure that what I was creating was INTERESTING to the viewer - not just the subject matter, because that can only take you so far. But my desire to make the paint itself - color, texture, application - interesting enough so that beyond just looking nice, the viewer wants to look at it again and again.

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