Friday, October 31, 2008

The Pumpkin Carving Lesson...less is more

Ah...the pumpkin carving. The buying of the perfect pumpkin.
The anticipation of creating a masterpiece of this odd orange vegetable.
The loss of confidence as you start to carve, realizing you have neither the time, patience, or desire to cut out 72 little tiny pumpkin sections from a 3 inch thick rind to create the ultimate spider web image, complete with an eight legged spider.
The joy at watching your three year old draw one eye, nose and mouth on his pumpkin.
The realization that three holes are easier than 72.
The elation at being able to use a real kitchen knife instead of those little miniature hack-saws that come with the pumpkin carving kit.
The best pumpkins I have ever seen.

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