Thursday, October 2, 2008

Figure Drawing Techniques...Collaborate!

I had SO much fun at the figure drawing session at Shane's studio last night! I have a pile of my son Jack's paintings in my studio - well, let me re-phrase that - JACK'S studio (where he kindly lets me work every now and then) and of course I can't throw any of them away. So when I was packing up supplies for class last night I grabbed two paintings Jack did on mat board and thought they'd make great backgrounds for some figure drawings!

Well - here they are! I love them! Jack - the three year old whirling dervish that he is - has so much fun with chalk and paint. He just creates amazing line and composition - I just sit back and wait for him to say "more paint, please!" These may be some of my favorite pieces of all time.

I can't wait until we collaborate again!

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