Thursday, October 23, 2008

Figure Drawing Techniques...My Favorite Backgound

So I drew from the lovely Miss Stephanie at Shane's studio last night. I only lasted until 9:30 - I was so tired! But I got a nice drawing done. She had a classic pose with warm overhead lighting. I had another piece of this great neutral tan mat board, and I love this color. Depending on what colors you use, it can be either a warm or a cool tan - so blues and oranges look great on it.

I started the drawing by blocking in areas of color, trying to get the general layout - making sure the whole figure was going to fit on the page.

I then went over the Nupastel with charcoal pencils to define the figue. I worked both the light and shadow at the same time.

Great pose...great model...wish I was more awake!!!

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Beautiful drawing and technique,