Monday, October 20, 2008

Where it all began...I think...

I knew it still existed!!! A couple of moths ago I did an interview on another blog and the question was asked "when did you know you wanted to be an artist?" and I could remember a book report from a long time ago that I made for on a book about a bunny - I loved it because my mom suggested coffee grounds for the dirt! How cool is that!
Well I told my mom about the interview and I said I KNOW that book report still exists - if you find it, please send it to me!
Well, she found it and sent it! And it is just as cute and fun as I remember it. It's dated October of 1984...oh my goodness that's 24 years ago!!! Well now I feel old...but cheery at the same time! It's so much fun to look at an old project...and to think about the excitement of putting it together, and the first instance of "thinking outside the box" grounds...that made a huge impact on me!!!
Here's that interview...

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