Thursday, August 7, 2008

Living With Original Art

My husband and I have moved a few times. Buffalo to Fort Worth, then to Poquoson, VA, and now to Woodstock, GA. In each house, it started to feel like home as I hung up my art on the walls. I also have lots of beautiful pottery (although some is hiding until little fingers stop being so destructive) and some very cool switchplate covers. All of these pieces were either bought or traded from fellow artists. When I look around my home, I don't just see art - I see the people who created it, I remember their stories, and the fun I had sharing our work and experiences as artists.

I love it when a piece of mine finds it's (okay a little over the top here) destined home. I had that experience with a fellow artist, and collector, who used corsettes as subject mater for some of her sculptures. She bought a large painting of mine for her master bedroom. The colors, the frame, the relationship to her sculptures - my painting had found it's home.

Sometimes it is hard to let go of a piece that I feel strongly about. Either it was a struggle and I overcame the problem, or the subject matter was special to me, or I just fell in love with the piece. One of the most difficult things is having the confidence in yourself to let something go. I must believe that I have more great works ahead of me, and that my art cannot exit only for me.