Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Best Place to Buy Fine Art on the Web

There is a lot of "art" on the web these days. How do you know that you are buying from a well-established, legitmate artist? Look no further than the group of Gallery United Fine Artists on Etsy. This group is made up of talented artists from around the world.

The benefits from buying from this group are numerous. You can buy with confidence because

1) You are buying directly form the artist. No galleries, no representatives. Ask questions about style and technique, learn about the artist and their work. The relationship you build with the artist is very rewarding.
2) You can see feedback from other buyers. Buy in confidence! Know that the Original Fine Art you are purchasing is well made, of the highest quality, and will arrive in perfect condition.

3)Find exactly what you are looking for - or commission a custom piece! When you are searching for the perfect piece of fine art, use search terms that will ensure the best results - always use "galleryunited" (one word) and another aspect you desire - nature, landscape,
modern, contemporary, or blue. (for example)

4) Shop where the Interior Designers are shopping! Our Gallery United Fine Artists are not only International Sellers, they are THE artists Interior Designers seek out for their clients!

So visit Gallery United - An Etsy Visual Arts Team - and begin collecting Fine Art today!

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trudette said...

great post , I am glad I found your blog !

Jean Levert Hood said...

Excellent post, Krystyna!

Your work is wonderful.

DreamON said...

Wow, this is really a nice post. Soon I will have to do one on Gallery United. Thanks for the idea.

Unknown said...

hi Kristina,

thanks for making this blog. I happy to learn about Gallery United on Etsy.

I was captivated by your paintings ... the figures are so elegant... WOW.

I'd added your blog into my blog roll.

see you around.


Anonymous said...

Great post...really helps promoting the arts and letting people understand about buying.