Thursday, September 18, 2008

Figure Drawing...the Pregnant Model

What a special treat! At our figure group last night Katie modeled for us...only 8 weeks away from her due date! (Can't wait to meet her little Jack!)

She was absolutly glowing...with the overhead light her beautiful belly was a wonderful shape to draw. The gestures were two-minute poses - I started with blocking in the large shapes using light pastel, then defined areas using charcoal pencil.

The top drawing is on a gessoed board, which is actually very slick, but I think it can out very soft and feminine. If I can "fix" the drawing with a good spray, I might tint or glaze it and see what happens.

The last drawing is done by a very talented artist - you can see his work here - - he is the host of our Wednesday night drawing group. Beautiful drawing, Shane!


Kim Caro said...

wow love it! i have never done a nude model before i bet it would be interesting to see what i come up with, although id prolly be blushing the entire time

rose AKA Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

These are beautiful - all of them - Shane's included.


Gallery32 said...

These are lovely :) Nice work.