Thursday, November 20, 2008

Painting Techniques...Choosing a Palette

I have had this still life in my studio for several months - the result of a live model session where the model had to go home sick and we made do!

But it hadn't developed any further than the initial sketch...I didn't knw what direction i wanted to take it in, and i was a little worried about layering over the drawing because i liked a lot of the line qualitly in the drawing.

But I was inspired by a photograph in my latest Entertainment Weekly of the band Coldplay

(BUY their latest album if you haven't - every track is awesome!)

The photo is actually built (I think) like a great painting - the colors (umber with cobalt blue and cadmium red moments) Great linear and geometric elements and a wonderful variety of textures.

So...I used the pallete for my still life! I made sure to spray the charcoal drawing and my initial layers of paint were mixed with glaze so that the lines were preserved.

After adding a bit more paint, I went back with my charcoal pencil and re-discovered a few lines that I wanted to emphasize.

It's not done yet...but i feel much better now that I've got this painting started!

You never know what will inspire you.


Linda Hammelman said...

Thanks for sharing your process and inspiration for this very successful painting.

Lynn Cyr said...

Love the progress you're making on this one - and to think that you got your color inspiration from a band photo!! LOL!! What a great tip, though! :)

Gallery32 said...

I really like the palette you picked and the sketchy quality you implemented. Nice work :)

Krystyna81 said...

Thank you all...I think it's important to look for inspiration all around us - even in a magazine.

reagan said...

wonderful WIP post! Very inspiring. I love seeing how other artists create. It makes me stretch myself in new directions. THank you for sharing!