Thursday, February 5, 2009

Figure boots and white pillow

A couple of gestures from last night's open figure drawing session at Shane's studio... I was using a piece of vine charcoal on it's side to block in large areas of shadow, then used a hard charcoal pencil to draw in some more detail. I especially like the feel of the arched back.

I did two pieces from the long pose. The first was a mixture of charcoal, water and white acrylic paint on watercolor paper. I kind of like this piece...I think the black boots would have been more dramatic had the model not been draped. But it was about 17 degrees here last night, and full nudity would have equalled a frozen model!

The second drawing was pastel on mat board. The lighting was a little more dramatic from this angle, and there's just a hint of the thigh-high black boot resting on the pillow.

You know that painting I was working on yesterday? Well, right now it looks like this.
Hopefully I'll have better news later. It was not good.

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