Thursday, February 26, 2009

Figure Drawings...A Classic Charcoal Drawing of the Female Model, and a Pastel Experiment with Red Line

For the first half of our figure drawing group last night I focused on doing a traditional, realistic and fully rendered portrait of our wonderful model. The lighting was great, the pose was classic, and I really focused on trying to make a "good" drawing.
Sometimes I have to remind myself to slow down, look, really draw what I see - don't go too crazy with color all the time. I'm pretty pleased with this drawing - I like the composition and the values I captured. I wish I had a little more detail in the drapery, but it's not too bad.

But, I couldn't stop know me by now...I have to draw to sides of every model! And the idea of drawing with the red line was still itching me, so I tried it again. This time I started with a light pencil drawing, then did a red line over the contour, then slowly built up shadows with sap green, pale blue, and pthalo blue.

I like the way the colors worked together, and I think it's an interesting drawing - one that you could look at again and again and still find new moments. Now I want to try a new color for a contour line every time I draw!


Anonymous said...

These are beautiful, I love your work!

melissawashburn said...

Another fantastic drawing. I love the pale blue shadows. I think the prominence of the red line really shows off your skill; it outlines the form with real certainty.

Audrey said...

AMAZING!! I can't even draw a stick person. Love your art. Truly gifted.

Becky Brocato said...

What a talent. So beautifully drawn.

Tessa said...

Great drawings! You're so talented. :)

tayete said...

I envy you Kristina, not only for your wonderful figures but for how you have melted together your family and your art.
I am in the first steps of nude drawing meetings, and wonder if I'll ever reach your level

Anonymous said...

On the black and white sketch that you mentioned wishing you had worked a bit more on the drapery.... you don't think that would have taken away from the figure itself?
I love your work!

Krystyna81 said...

Thank you all for the kind words about my work!

Studiovirgo...Thanks! I actually did a very light pencil sketch first, so that I could draw in the red line with that "certainty" - red is SO hard to fix if it doesn't work the first time!

Tayete...I have been drawing from the live figure model for 15 is a long, but rewarding and stimulating process. I wish you lots of luck and hope you are guided by some great teachers!

Pegi...maybe! Perhaps it is a good balance between the fabric and the figure...thank you!