Sunday, March 1, 2009

Painting Update...Nude Female Model in Blue Painted on Masonite Board

I am working on this painting that was originally just blue, but I am trying to add some warmth and broaden the value range. The challenge is working with clear and opaque colors and having them work well together. In the shadows, I can use deep red, sap green, and paynes grey in transparent layers. On the high lights, I use white, and even with a transparent medium it still makes an opaque layer. I keep going back and forth...I think overall I still want a warmer feel.

See the beginning here.


Audrey said...

Oh my! I can't even draw stick people. Your painting is amazing!!

Anonymous said...

This painting is so amazing! You have such a gift... the shading brings it to life! I have something I want you to do I think... :)