Monday, March 9, 2009

Fishing and Painting...the busy sunny weekend!

What a gorgeous, sunny weekend we had here in Georgia! Jack was so excited to head down to the dock to try out his Spiderman fishing pole. He's a born fisherman - he can cast further than I can!

Arianna and I kept busy throwing bread in the water...hoping some ducks would come by or the fishies would come to the surface! (Mr. and Mrs. Duck eventually joined us!)
At one point a fishing boat with two guys on it floated by and Jack was shouting "Hey guys - look at my fishing pole!" They were very good-natured and asked Jack all about his fishing pole and what he was catching (mostly the red plastic fish tied on the end!)

And of course sunshine means finally getting some house projects done! Jack got a cool bunk bed for his 4th b-day, but it didn't match the all-wood dresser, so handy hubby painted the drawers black and added silver handles. We were thinking of painting the whole thing, but I like it just like this!

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Anonymous said...

That is pretty snazzy! It breaks up the black a little bit, otherwise I think it would be overwhelming. You have adorable kids!