Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Custom Portrait Painting in Watercolor, A Wonderful Gift Idea

The first of my recent commissions was given to it's intended recipient over the weekend, so I am now excited to share it with you!

(This is actually on creamy-white watercolor paper, but I have yet to perfect a photographing technique to capture the white of the background (feel free to post a tip if you have one!)

I worked from a couple of different photos provided from my client, all of which were in kind of a "soft focus". But that worked out ok for the watercolor - as long as I didn't get too "tight" with the detail. I didn't try to define each wrinkle or eye-lash, but rather let the portrait stay soft and beautiful.

This was to honor the client's mother on the her mother's first birthday since her passing last September. I am told that the client's father was extremely touched, and I even received an e-mail from him expressing his gratitude, which really thrilled me. I love being part of a project like this, honoring someone that was obviously loved and cherished by many.


Marta Mangos said...

Pieknie malujesz. Serdeczne pozdrowienia z Perugi:-)

Robin Pedrero said...

Lovely work!