Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kathy Jones - An Artist I Admire

My dear friend Geri sent me a recent copy of American Art Collector to show me a quote from her daughter, a collector (and also the subject of this portrait!) and I came across the work of Kathy Jones, an incredible figurative artist.

Ms. Jones paints with intensity. There is an emotive quality to her subject matter, matched by her paint application and her color palette. I am drawn to the variety of paint application and her facility with the media. Surprising color combinations, and the sense that there is a history on the surface - layers of paint building up and effecting each layer that comes after it.

Even though her figures are faceless, you know who they are, you can feel their thoughts, you can sense a time and place in which they exist. It's amazing how much information the viewer can bring to her work...every viewer can finish the story started by her painting.

I picked the piece above "Fade With Time" because of the red line, which I have been experimenting in my own work. It makes me yearn for time in my studio to really push my work to the next level.


Anonymous said...

Just saw this..what a wonderful painting!! And I really agree with your last sentence!

Robin Pedrero said...

I immediately connected with this piece and couls also identify your conncetion with it. Thanks for introducing me to another artist!

Krystyna81 said...

I high;y recommend grabbing a copy of American Art Collector next time you are out - they cover all styles of work, and I was really impressed with the artists included!