Friday, February 20, 2009

Figure Drawings...A Variety of Drawing Techniques and Media

This was a five minute pose, and I worked with a black Prismacolor marker (it says archival...boy it does stink!) with a thick and thin end on a canvas pad. I think this technique has potential...when I get some time in my studio, I'm going to play around with adding some paint!
This was actually the last pose of the night, we worked for about 40 minutes (a pose inspired by Henry Yan's book!) I think I lost a little information in the legs, and I'd like to add some more drapery, but I'm very pleased with the lighting and the overall feel of the pose, especially the twist in her back.
This pose was lovely and very dramatic from my side of the room - I had mostly shadows, and only a sliver of highlight in some place defining the figure. For the first 25 minutes I spent WAY too much time on her face - I actually placed a sticky note over her head for the second 25 minutes so I wouldn't touch it any more! (i do that to my students...if you are working on the face, chances are I'm going to put a sticky note right over it! But least i do it to myself, too!) I love the mood, the lighting, the drapery. I think I may polish a few spots, add some more shadows in a few places, but that's it.


Anonymous said...

woah, you have talent. When I draw from a model, it ends up looking like a stick figure.


Your work is wonderful!! Truly :)