Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Red Tree

Last night north Georgia had some pretty intense weather moving thru the area, and the kids and I were outside watching the clouds speed accross the sky and waiting for Dad to come home. As the sky grew darker, I was glancing accross my neighbors yard and was struck by the beautiful combination of colors in her front yard - a vibrant red tree against a creamy bunch of grass with the dark grey sky in the background. I took a quick photo to remember the combination.

I could picture using that color scheme in a figure drawing...creamy skin, deep grey-blue shadows, and red lines defining the form. So, when I drew Mike last night, that's what I tried!

In order to make it work, I had to draw the red lines last - on top of areas of blocked in color.

I think for the first attempt, it's not bad. I like the effect that the red line creates - a very different feel, and energy, to the line. If it had been black charcoal, I don't think it would have been as interesting a drawing.

I draw again tonight, and I think I might explore this pallette once more!

The pose looked so great from both sides, so for the last hour of the class I used a grey mat board, a white charcoal and a black charcoal pencil to draw Mike from the opposite side. I think it's OK so far, but i may go back and develop the shadows and hilights a bit more. I think the drapery is an important element in creating the sense of space in this drawing.

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Robin Pedrero said...

I like that red line in the figure!