Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Black boots and boa...some very sexy figure drawings from the live model

Wow I can't believe it's Wednesday already! That means we have figure drawing tonight, and I haven't even finished posting drawings from last week! So I'd better catch up before it's too late (by the way...very excited...just checked the schedule and the model we have tonight in Marietta is AWESOME!)

These are from last Thursday evening in Woodstock. Our scheduled model was Santa...but a few hours before our drawing session, Santa called to say he was sick with food poisoning! So our fabulous miss D came to the rescue, and a wonderful night of drawing was not lost!

This was a 20 minute pose, and I love that she had these black boots on. There's something about one element of clothing or an accessory that makes the model feel more "naked". The combination of the black boots and this pose? It's intense.

The only part I am not totally happy with is the face. I think I spent so much time on the legs and torso that I didn't solve the face enough.

This is also a very sensual combination - the boa and the boots, and viewing her from behind - almost as if she doesn't realize (or is about to realize) that we are watching her. A beautiful pose, made more interesting by a few extra elements.

This was the longest pose of the night, and I spent a lot of time moving around and trying to find the best vantage point, and deciding what I wanted to work with. I used a grey pastel board and started with soft grey pastels and pencils, building up to layers of black and white.

I loved the pose, the drapery, the boa and the boots. But I am not happy with how I drew the face. It almost looks "cartoonish" compared to the rest of her body. Perhaps, too, I should have asked the model to cast her eyes downward, or touch her chin to her shoulder - I think the look is too engaging - and even distracting from the rest of the drawing. SO I may re-work the face a little bit, tilting the head slightly or even adding something like a hat or a veil - she needs a little mystery.
Any ideas? would you keep the face as it is, or make some changes?


Tati Viana said...

Yes, I think you need to work more on her face. Just add more details. :D

I'd love to be part of this weekly drawing night...


Krystyna81 said...

Tati...I will re-visit the face - and keep you posted :) These drawing sessions are the high-light of my week! I wish you could join us!!!