Thursday, July 8, 2010

Beautiful Backside Drawings.

I just noticed last night that I've been drawing backsides all week!  Which is totally fine...I mean, they are all wonderful pieces to work on.   I just wonder if it was something I said..

A couple nights ago a friend of mine posed for this beautiful drawing.  She has wanted to pose nude for a while, and finally said "I'm ready!"  She has, I might add, a perfect posterior so we had to hi-light it in the drawing!  She is also a bright and colorful of course the drawing had to be, also!

The next day she sent me an e-mail saying "I had SO much fun! I'm officially addicted!"  And echoed my belief that EVERY woman should pose nude for a least once!

Last night our drawing group also had a lovely model, who brought with her a photo of a pose idea that inspired her to take this classic back pose.

I loved the white flower against her dark ponytail.  It really added a special element to the drawing.  The lighting was perfect!  This is black and white charcoal on grey mat board.

And then, back in my studio, I am continuing to make progress on the pastel portrait of the grandpa walking with his two granddaughters.  I am trying to finish the background before putting the final touches on the figures, so I know how bright and colorful I need to make their clothing and hair.

Maybe, someday, someone will let me draw their face :)


Caroline Peña Bray said...

I love the drawing of Grandpa and his granddaughters, it's very touching. And all your bottoms are lovely! I once went to a show in London which turned out to consist solely of paintings of nudes which focused on the bottom and it was very successful! So you're onto a good thing. I always think the small of the back is a great focal point too, it can can have some curves which are delightful to draw and really add expression.

AK said...

Krystyna, your work is fabulous. The figures are absolutely amazing.