Friday, July 16, 2010

Nude model with leopard print blanket. Perfect combination!

Our wonderful figure model did some lovely poses for our group this past week!  (And our group was VERY full!  It's so wonderful to see so many artists together in one room, enjoying the space, the company, the opportunity to draw!)

Unfortunatly I forgot my camera!  I was so upset because she really was a gorgeous model, and had this fabulous leopard print blanket that I would have loved to work on from a photograph.  Oh well.  Just gives us an excuse to schedule her again!

Our first pose, about 20 minutes.  White and black charcoal on a light purple board.  I love working on a medium-tone surface that allows me to quickly block in light and shadow.

The longer pose was also beautiful.  The pattern in the blanket added an extra bit of interest, and we lit her from behind, creating a little bit of mystery in her face. 

I'm thinking of toning down the hand on our left...I think the focus needs to stay on the right side of the drawing, where the light and high contrast of the blankets draw you in.

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Lrc said...

Lovely pose and lighting...i'm looking forward to seeing its progress!