Sunday, August 1, 2010

Custom Figure Drawing is in it's new home!

I was so excited to get some beautiful photos from a Client who commissioned a charcoal drawing for his bath.  I love seeing how someone frames and displays my work!

The original drawing is about 30" x 40", mixed media on Watercolor paper.  The soft warm silver frame accents the drawing perfectly.

When the client sent the initial photos for reference, I noticed the marble top vanity, which inspired me to create a piece that accentuated the depth and variety of texture in that material.  The drawing has layers of charcoal and transparent medium that create a lot of interest.

I have always enjoyed creating Artwork for special places.  Figurative, Portraits, or abstract.  If you would like to get a quote on a custom piece, please contact me at any time.

1 comment:

Tati said...

That's very cool! And inspiring... My bathroom is so messy! It really needs a little of decoration.

I have no words to comment about the artwork! I love your art, you know. :D