Monday, August 2, 2010

Watercolor in warm and cool.

Sometimes my unfinished work has to wait patiently for me to come and rescue it out of the "to do" pile in my studio...I kind of think it sits there like the toys in "Toy Story 3", just waiting, and hoping, that someday I'll remember them and pay them some attention!

While I finally finished this lovely watercolor drawing that I had started from the live model several weeks ago.  At first I was going to use Nupastel over the purple watercolor, since it is on Wallis paper, but that didn't have the right look.  So I continued to add layers using watercolor pencil, sometimes adding a little water to soften it and sometimes allowing the pencil marks to remain.

I'm pleased to offer original drawing - for a limited time - at a special Sale Price!  One week only.


dingsboems said...

your drawings are beautiful! I stumbled on your blog today, and as an artist figuredrawing on a weekly basis in Rotterdam, I just wanted to leave you a note.
With a few others of our group we are putting up a website with so far only a few drawings. I found your blog inspiring! thanks!

Krystyna81 said...

Thank you dingsboems! My figure drawing group is invaluable to me, and many other artists. The support, encouragement, and the chance to interract with the other artists only adds to the wonderful experience of drawing from the live model.

Thank you for the kind words and happy drawing!