Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Figure is one of many elements in a drawing.

I pretty much think that the artists in our figure drawing group are the luckiest artists...ever.  Each week we are treated to another beautiful and professional model, who inspires each of us with their gorgeous poses!

A couple of charcoal gesture drawings from last night, about 3 minutes each.  I love the long line of the standing pose, the big SWOOSH that captures the length from head to toe.  The seated pose was also gorgeous - twisting and curvy. 

We followed our warm up with a 20 minute pose on the high stool.  I loved the wrap around her head.  It created a wonderful shape where it tied off to the side.

For our long pose, I set up a charir, several pieces of drapery, and a beautiful yellow vase that sat at the model's feet.  When the model settled into the props, she became one of several beautiful elements.  Light and shadow.  Color.  Form.  When you can captures these things, in any kind of object, that's a great drawing.

A couple of pictures around the art studio as we worked.

I love this drawing on red pastel paper (I need to find some of this paper! It's awesome! But the artist can't remember where she found it)  The warmth worked perfectly for the background color, reacting wonderfully in layers under the icy blue background and the mustard yellow on her skin.

My drawing...almost done, I think.  Perhaps she needs a second eye...

Again, I loved the head wrap - the colors and shapes it added to her face. 

This is Nupastel on Wallis paper.

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