Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Perfect Anniversary Gift. A Beautiful, Sexy Boudoir Portrait.

Let me tell you...I am surrounded by beautiful women in my life.  And I am not implying that I know a bunch of skinny supermodels.  I'm saying that I have the most generous, warm spirited, kind, funny, intelligent, loving and supportive women around me.  From my Bunco Babes to my Zumba Crew, to those I haven't even met but support me on-line thru kind e-mails and blog comments, to collectors of my Art, I am surrounded by beautiful women.

I believe that every woman should have the experience of feeling Beautiful and Sexy.  I love when I get to work with someone new for a live modeling session.  My goal is to make them feel comfortable in their own skin, to embrace their curves and their innate sensuality.  Every woman I have worked with has said "Everyone should do this at least once!"

Just this week I drew a good friend who wanted a Boudoir Portrait for her husband.  They are celebrating their 22nd Wedding Anniversary (yay! congrats!) and thought this would be a great gift.  We got together and discussed her ideas, poses, colors, where the drawing was going to hang, etc.  After deciding on a paper and settling into a comfortable pose, we got to work!

This pastel drawing is on a dark brown piece of Colorfix paper.  The dark brown was an interesting choice - it didn't say "feminine" at first, but when I layered the turquoise and warm oranges, purples and greens, it all worked beautifully on that color.  The moment feels intimate and warm.

Listening to music and chatting about our families, our session lasted about an hour and a half.  Other than a few minor adjustments I made afterwards, the drawing was complete!  And I was so honored that my friend trusted me with this beautiful gift, and that we got to share that time together.  And I thank her, too, for giving me permission to share her beauty with you!


AmyC ~ said...

Nice work and she look Great!
Im actually terrified of pastels. Again, I am in awe at your use of color...luv it.

Fay Akers said...

wow you did that in only an hour and a half? That is fantastic.

AK said...

A lovely portrait. Beautiful colors.

dining room tables said...

As always, this is such an amazing portrait. I am so in love on every portrait painting that you are posting here in your blog. I wish someday you can pain my self portrait.

Krystyna81 said...

PaperPencilArt...yes! I love working with a live model, and I am able to block in a large amount of detail in a short time (granted - if I get the initial proportions correct!) I did take a reference photo and tweaked a few areas afterwards - spending about half an hour on details like her profile and hands.