Monday, June 13, 2011


It never gets old.  Rejection still stings.  OK rejection sucks.  As an artist it comes with the territory.  I have good days and bad days in the studio, I know that not every piece I make is perfect, good, or even salvageable.  Sometimes the need to create is just that - a need to create, and if nothing good comes out of it that's fine.

When I enter a juried show, it's a nerve racking experience.  What will the juror be LOOKING for? What will they WANT?  What if I submit this piece and they reject it, yet they would actually select that piece?  What if this slide doesn't show the piece well enough?  Urg.  It's a wonder I enter a show at all...

But it's part of the whole process! Art can not exist in a vacuum.  It needs to be seen.  It needs context.  It needs to hold up in a room full of other pieces, being part of the conversation.   I enter some shows because the group is prestigious, the juror is well known or the venue is beautiful.  Sometime I enter local shows because the entry fee will be supporting a good facility.

So why am I still upset about a rejection letter i got three days ago?!? Rejection.  I can handle it when 1000 people look at a piece of my work yet no one buys it, why can't I handle the fact that one juror decided not to include my work in a show?

I submitted, what I thought, were three of the strongest pieces I created this past year, excited about showing them locally, since they are so heavy, and I couldn't ship them to a show in California, for example.  Now I question those pieces - are they technically good, but emotionally stunted?  Are they too - pretty? all flash and no substance?

I guess at the end of the day I need to take the good with the bad, the praise along side the critique.  And keep creating, because the next opportunity - I am not going to pass it up!


Anonymous said...

You can't judge yourself by what a juror did or didn't do. They are just people with opinions good and bad. You show the same pieces to another judge and she likes them then what does that say about your work?...exactly, it says don't worry about it, your good period!

I am sorry you are upset and I understand how you feel, it stinks. But on the bright side, I love your work :)

Pawling Print Studio said...

maybe your style did not fit with theirs? your work is truly beautiful and i hope you ignore this annoyance and get right back to painting!

rateyourart said...

Well I guess the jury thing is always frustrating, and leaves one second guessing themselves. I would not give it much more thought, besides that I doubt any other artist in this show has as many sales as you do. Obviously your work is well received. Your very talented.

Nika said...

As an artist (one who works at her dining room table and no one's ever heard of) the hardest thing to do is find the positive when a lull is taking over. But if you have art that is hanging in others' homes and cheering up their day, I don't think you can call yourself rejected, ever. Looking at the bigger picture, you've brought happiness and inspiration to the daily life of someone else. Rejection is just another challenge, one to be beaten and overcome.

Unknown said...

I can not believe anyone would reject your art!! If so what am I doing? Keep believing in are soooo TALENTED!

Regina said...

My husband gets more upset than I do when I don't make the cut. I think that helps absorb some of the sting for me.
I like to see a show as a whole that I don't get into and evaluate why I may not have been accepted.
Sometimes it is obvious to me. I don't fit the "flavor" that the juror seems to prefer or my submissions weren't up to the caliber of those selected.
Other times it is a mystery and I just have to remind myself that the selections were the opinion of one (or small team) on that occasion.
Making the cut makes the event all the more joyous after having been rejected x times.
I think your art is fabulous. Treat yourself and keep painting. :)

jgr said...

I have just discovered your blog and your gorgeous art, also I was excited to see you are in Woodstock!! I am in Duluth.

Kathy Karas said...

Oh my Gosh , I have just found your blog and I think that your paintings are incredible . Don't be discouraged by the judges decision . I have long given up on trying to work out why they choose one painting over another or what their criteria is in making that decision . The only thing that I can say is just enjoy making your beautiful art as much as others ..enjoy seeing and buying it. Happy painting !